Friday Night Kingmaker

She had a hand fetish

Setting out from Oleg’s, the party had one goal in mind: take out the bandit camp. After putting the beatdown on Happs and his goons, and getting some information from Mr. Bydon on the location of the camp, they set out to find it and put an end to it. They managed to find it, and was greeted with a loud bang that defeaned poor Kantam. After a few seconds, they heard another loud boom, which was then followed by bandits swarming out of the rest of the camp. Walkul set up an obscuring mist, which gave everyone a bit of trouble in dispatching the bandits already inside the mist.

When it became clear the other bandits weren’t going to be foolish enough to go wandering into a place they couldn’t see what was on the other side, the party slowly came out and engaged the bandits. They took out the peons with relative ease, though one did flee south before he was killed. Ashcha headed straight for Kressle, goading the bandit into attacking her, and after a couple blows being exchanged, was brought down and bleeding thanks to Kressle’s handaxes. Kressle didn’t last much longer, with the rapier wielders poking her full of holes to the point where she was put down.

After spending the night in the camp, the party set about exploring the areas as they made their way back to Oleg’s with a cart full of dead bodies. They came across a gold mine (literally), and they made a note of it for later. They also found a spider, which had a dead bandit that had a treasure map. They also came across an owlbear, which they dispatched relatively easy.

The rest of the Greenbelt awaits the party. What other interesting things will they come across next?


Hmm, you could have mentioned that Ashcha antagonized Kressle to ignore the others. Turn a wimpy showing into a noble deed, lol!

She had a hand fetish

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